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Macaws are stocky birds with a large head, a thick, strong beak and a long tail relative to their body size. The Macaw species are sometimes divided into two groups, the “Large Macaws” and the “Mini Macaws. They are considered the largest birds among the Parrots, in length and wingspan. The birds flaunt a unique blend of beauty, intelligence, inquisitiveness and other engaging traits that is almost legendary.

African Grey Parrots is highly sought after by enthusiasts for its ability to learn to talk and mimic a wide variety of sounds. They are known for their talking ability and can even learn to speak in context. Keep in mind that there is never any guarantee that Grey will learn to mimic human speech. However, many Greys usually begin talking once they reach one year old. They are two types of Grey Below :
1) African Grey Congo Parrot
2) African Grey Timneh Parrot

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