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The Blue Crowned Conure is a medium-sized pet bird, but even though their tails are long, and their physical traits give off a small, chubby and cute look. The adults reach an average length of up to 15 inches (37 centimeters). This might sound like a lot, but keep in mind that they have quite long tail feathers, giving them another popular nickname – the sharp-tailed conure. With this in mind, you’ll need a roomy and large cage for your pet, and plenty of free space for ample exercis.

The Blue Crown Conure is one of the sweetest and most laid back of the entire Conure group. Of course, individuals often dramatically vary in temperament and disposition, and much depends on how they are socialized as babies and in their various human interactions. Yet in general, the Blue Crown Conure has proven itself to be well suited for human companionship as a good-natured pet.

Size: 37 cm / 14.5 – 15 inches

Life Expectancy: 30 – 40 years

Blue Crown Conures are mostly green, with dull blue coloring on the forehead, crown, cheeks, and ears. Around each eye, the bird has a ring of white featherless skin, and the breast feathers usually have the yellow-green coloring. The tail feathers are green on top, maroon to red-brown on the underside.


The Blue Crown Conure has been regarded as one of the most intelligent Conures. It loves to be pampered. Its intelligence enables it to learn quickly. A Blue Crown Conure can be taught to perform several tricks, such as sticking out their tongue, waving their foot, and kissing. An untrained Blue Crown Conure can be very upsetting and embarrassing. To train it, you need skill and patience.

Once you get to know your pet conure, it becomes pretty clear just why they are such a loved and popular pet. With their naturally fun and silly behavior, a keen ability to learn new tricks, and a big appetite for cuddling, the Blue Crowned Conures are nothing short of a perfect pet parrot. Add the moderate level of noise, good health, and ease of caring, and you get a hassle-free companion that will be an entertaining friend for a big part of your life- and who wouldn’t want that?

Blue Crown Conure As A Pet

As to pet, Blue Crown Conures are exceptional. They are quite friendly, calm, playful, curious, and affectionate. Biting is usually not a problem with the lovable Blue Crowns. They tend to be less nippy than other species of parrots. They can speak with a certain amount of clarity, and they can learn to speak a number of different words and phrases.

Their intelligence enables them to learn quickly, and they can be taught to perform several tricks, such as: sticking out their tongue, waving their foot, kissing, etc. Head scratching and feather preening are a must for a pet Blue Crown Conures. These highly social birds thrive with daily attention. In turn, they will reward you with their companionship.


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