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The Black-capped conure, also known as the Black-capped parakeet or Rock conure, is a parrot native to the south-western Amazon Basin and adjacent east Andean slopes in Peru, Bolivia, and Brazil. The Black-capped conure is mostly green with a dark brown-black cap, a whitish scaly neck and breast, red wing coverts (upper, not lower – along the leading edge), and a black beak. The breast feathers are dark with light tips.

Black-capped conures can be slightly shy, but once comfortable with its family; it is a curious and loving pet. It has the notable advantage of being a quieter species than the other conures.

Size / Weight: 9.85″ / 75 g Black Capped Conures are small conures, reaching a length of approximately 10 inches from the beak to the tips of the tailfeathers.

Lifespan: Up to 30 years

Known as friendly, easy-going birds, black-capped conures are highly social and trainable pets. They enjoy interacting with their owners and crave daily playtime and attention. They will become very friendly with family members but can remain a bit shy with strangers.

Diet: black-capped conures thrive on a varied diet that includes fresh fruits and vegetables, a high-quality seed mix, and a quality commercial pelleted diet.


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