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Hand Tame  Alexandrine parakeet can make loving and affectionate pets. They love interacting with their owners, they are highly intelligent and make good talkers when trained Care and Attention.  They have a tendency to become “one-person” birds, forming a strong bonding to their favorite family member while shunning others within the household. Training and correct socializing techniques will avoid this possibility. Like most parrots.

Hand raised baby Alexandrines are only available  Adult and Baby from 5 months to 1 yr old. If you are interested in owning one of these birds give us a call or visit us for a chat. these birds are weaned onto veggies, premium UCCELLO seed, and premium UCCELLO pellets.


The Alexandrine’s are a medium sized green parrot. Many reach a length of up to 25 inches, although much of this length is accounted for by their long, elegant tail feathers. Their body is quite slender for a parrot and has a large strong red beak. they are often confused with there smaller cuss-en the Indian Ringneck. The male Alexandrines develop a black and pink ring around their necks after two years of age. This is the only way to tell the sex of the bird unless using DNA and surgical sexing.

The Alexandrine parakeet also called the Alexandrine parrot.


Where can you Find Alexandrine parrots from?

The Alexandrine parrot is native to East India to Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh in the South, Sri Lanka.

What do Alexandrine parrots eat?

They should be given a base diet of seeds and pellets accompanied by fresh fruits and vegetables. Foods to avoid are avocado, alcohol, sugary candies, and chocolate.

Do Alexandrine parrots make good pets?

The Alexandrine Parrot is considered being the best for a great family pet, as they are playful, not nippy and a good talker. Although affectionate, it does not like to be cuddled as much as some other parrots.


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