Macaws are splendidly hued since quite a while ago followed fowls they are probably the most tremendous parrots on the planet. They are Seventeen unique types of macaws on the planet today. We Hand raised and Tamed the majority of the most well known breeds to keep as pets including Harlequin Macaw, Green Wing Macaw, Blue and Gold Macaw, Scarlet macaw, Catalina Macaw, Calico Macaw

Smaller than usual Macaws including Hahns Macaw, Severe Macaw.

Contrasted with other Bird breeds, macaws show significantly more even personalities. They are normally inquisitive and love to investigate and play with their condition. A few macaws are even known to have somewhat of a comical inclination, playing little pragmatic jokes to get a response from their proprietors.

Normal Lifespan

Macaws can live between 30 to 70 years old and more seasoned, contingent upon the breed.


Macaws are social and need a lot of time outside their enclosures every day. On the off chance that they get enough human consideration, they can begin to show ruinous and noisy conduct. They additionally require steady supervision, as they love to bite paper and wood things, for example, furniture and books.

At the point when they are alright with you, macaws can be as warm as cockatoos. Notwithstanding, this fondness is restricted to a chosen few they know and trust and isn’t given to outsiders.

Macaw Colors and Markings

There are a few types of macaws in the wild yet the ones most generally found in the pet exchange are enormous vivid macaws. Red macaws, blue and gold macaws, military macaws, and hyacinth macaws are regular pet macaws in view of their bright plumes. Smaller than expected macaws are more enthusiastically to discover however incorporate species, for example, Hahn’s, respectable, and yellow apprehended macaws. Most pet macaws are reproduced for the pet exchange, which implies they are probably going to bond rapidly with their human companions.

Thinking about the Macaw

Start with pelleted nourishment as the reason for your macaw’s eating routine and afterward supplement it with a wide scope of solid new nourishments like grains, vegetables, organic products, and the remainder of the eating regimen ought to be crisp sound food sources. Nuts ought to be held as a treat.

Macaws are not prescribed for lofts or connected lodging, as they are exceptionally vocal feathered creatures that adoration to sing. On some random day, you can anticipate that macaws should screech and sing a few times each day for five to ten minutes one after another. This conduct is characteristic and it is prescribed to not attempt to demoralize it, as it for the most part makes it increment.

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