Health Guarantee

Macaws and Parrots Store Aviary warrants that, at the hour of conveyance, the bird(s) are healthy, without any indications of malady or parasites.

Purchaser is urged to have the bird(s) analyzed by an authorized avian veterinarian of his/her decision inside 3 business days from the hour of conveyance to check the strength of the bird(s). In the case of during this period, the bird(s) are found to have a condition which influences their wellbeing or prosperity as controlled by the looking at veterinarian, all research facility tests and results will be made accessible to Macaws and Parrots Store Aviaries’ going to veterinarian who must agree with the conclusion.

In the occasion purchaser neglects to have the bird(s) inspected by a veterinarian inside expressed multi day time frame after conveyance, the purchaser comprehends and concurs that the deal is one of “as seems to be” condition.

Except if generally determined, the sum total of what Caiques have been immunized against Avian Polyoma Virus.

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