Amazons parrots are active and savvy winged animals that are known by and large to be acceptable talkers. They are medium to enormous parrots that structure solid bonds with their proprietors and appreciate the friendship of their human relatives. Amazons are commonly expansive and sturdily assembled parrots with fundamentally green hue and short, rather adjusted tails. Most species should be DNA tried to decide sexual orientation, however the Yellow-lored and White-fronted Amazon do display contrasts in appearance among guys and females.

They are Commonly known as

Twofold yellow-headed Amazons (yellow-headed Amazons), yellow-naped Amazons, yellow fronted Amazons, blue-fronted Amazons, orange-winged Amazons, green cheeked Amazons, Panama Amazons, white-fronted Amazons (spectacled Amazons), Mealy Amazons, red lored Amazons, and Lilac-delegated Amazons

Twofold YELLOW HEAD AMAZON Yellow Naped Amazon Double yellow head Amazon


Amazons extend from around 10 to 20 creeps long from nose to tail. They are medium to huge measured parrots.

Normal Lifespan

All types of Amazon parrots are seemingly perpetual as most enormous winged animals may be. You can anticipate that a solid Amazon should live around 50 years or significantly longer with great nourishment and care.

Root of Amazon Parrot

They are local to the New World going from South America to Mexico and the Caribbean.


Amazon Parrots are amazingly canny and fun loving flying creatures that adoration being the focal point of consideration.

They are viewed as acceptable talkers, be that as it may, a few types of Amazon Parrots talk more than others like twofold yellow headed, yellow rested and blue fronted.

Amazon Parrots can be very loud. They can be acceptable screamers, however not as uproarious as cockatoos or macaws.

Ordinarily, Amazon Parrots are fiery, fun loving, social and are enriched with noteworthy talking Skills. In spite of the fact that occasionally testy, these winged creatures are steadfast and adoring colleagues. They love connecting with their proprietors and can be incredibly delightful and entertaining. Nonetheless, their inconsistent nature at times makes them touchy, envious, difficult or even noisy. To stay away from this they ought to be given required consideration as given to other simple pets like felines or mutts. Unpracticed fowl proprietors ought not take up preparing an Amazon Parrot. It is imperative to show restraint toward Amazons while preparing them.

Bolstering the Amazon Parrot

Your Amazon winged animal ought to eat both pelleted flying creature nourishment and sound, crisp natural products, vegetables. Seeds are excessively high in fat for Amazons and keeping in mind that they can be bolstered as treats, they should make up close to 10 percent of the entire eating routine. Nuts are a decent treat however should just be bolstered with some restraint.

Thinking about Amazon Parrots

An Amazon parrot needs a confine. Remembered for the enclosure ought to be toys and swings that are spread out, just as a play exercise center/play tree, grappling rope, or stepping stools to scale. This will all support development and exercise. The base pen size ought to be 24 creeps by 36 inches and 48 inches tall, with bar separating of 3/4 to 1 inch. Before you purchase a flying creature confine, become familiar with your accurate needs and ensure your home has the correct setting for the enclosure. We give care Manual to the entirety of our clients first time purchasing from us.

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