Haute is the founder of Haute’s Parrots. Over the years she has developed a very strong knowledge of parrots and exotic birds, as both a hobbiest and bird companion. Haute decided to leave her corporate mHautegement position to do what she loves best in 2012. Her knowledge, expertise, and love of parrots is unique, and inspired her to take over the complete operations, including breeding, from her husband upon getting married. Her husband had started breeding Macaws, Amazons, and Cockatoos over 12 years ago. . Her local store has one of the largest and most complete selections of exotic birds It also features parrot merchandise, parrot supplies, and products. Haute’s Parrots and Supplies is among the very best in the business, with the cleanest facility, and highest quality cages, toys, and commodities. We make you truly feel like part of the “family”. We look forward to a great future as we continue to educate the public about these wonderful creatures.

We hope each visit to us to is both a fun and educational experience. Considering our vast knowledge and experience with birds, we are one of your best resources, to get the right knowledge, and expertise service, that you are hoping for. Our parrots are fed by hand, from the very first day they are born. We are experts with a large variety of species including: Macaws, Conures, African Greys, Cockatoos, and many others. Haute is among the few breeders, possesses a CBW permit, to breed Golden Conures. To possess a Golden Conure, you must prove state residency, with a driver’s license, or other state issued ID. , you must have a federal permit, provided by the US Fish and Wildlife Service. To learn more about CBW permits, or Golden Conures, please contact Haute . Haute’s Parrots and Supplies, has a closed aviary system, utilizing multiple HEPA, and carbon filters. We create the complete spectrum of 5000K light, and emulate sunrises and sunsets, with our computer controlled systems. We want your birds to live the longest, and healthiest lives, possible. Our bird’s diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. We start with the most vital nutrition early in the day, then we give our birds treats later in the day. We choose our breeders, by picking the biggest, and most colorful, as our hold-backs.

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